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From Chris Johnson <>
Subject [users@httpd] I need help chrooting apache.
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 16:31:08 GMT
Hi group,
	I'm following a series of articles from on setting up 
apache-1.3 and php in a chroot environment. The article was written for 
freebsd but I'm using slackware linux 9.0.
	I've almost got it but I'm running into a problem I can't figure out. 
Every time I start apache jailed in the chroot directory I get the error 
"httpd: bad user name apache" and httpd exits.

the user apache is in the httpd.conf file and in the chrooted version of 
    etc/passwd .

I want to say that I'm missing a library still but I can't seem to 
figure out which one. I've done a ldd, strace, and strings on httpd and 
all the libraries appear to be available within the chroot environment.

I've attached a file with a 'ls -lR' from the chrooted directory.
Please tell me if you'd like more info.


Apache was configured as(from config.status):
./configure \
"--with-layout=Apache" \
"--prefix=/usr/local/apache1.3.28" \
"--disable-module=all" \
"--server-uid=apache" \
"--server-gid=apache" \
"--enable-module=access" \
"--enable-module=log_config" \
"--enable-module=dir" \
"--enable-module=mime" \
"--enable-module=auth" \
"--activate-module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a" \

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