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From Webmaster <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Content negotiation, caching and Internet Explorer
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 14:04:32 GMT
tongue in cheek...
ban all IE browsers world-wide?

At 15:09 13-10-03 +0200, you wrote:
>Robert Andersson wrote:
>> everywhere I use MultiViews, I want "normal" caching to occur.
>> I very much doubt that Apache is at fault here, but I'm interested if
>> someone can suggest a server-side workaround that will cause Internet
>> Explorer to cache the resource. When looking in the cache, the
>> content-negotiated resources are not there.
>Some more:
>I now see that this is a more serious problem for me than I initially
>thought. I've just "finished" a product that relys on MultiViews in order to
>simplify "virtual" resources, that is created and cached on demand. In this
>case images, and I designed it so that the real extension must not be in the
>URI, because the exact file type (eg. GIF or PNG) should not be assumed. The
>only reason the image files has extensions in the filesystem is so Apache
>can determine the mime-type.
>Now, it seems, these sans-extension resources don't ever get cached by
>Internet Explorer. I was initially fooled into believing it worked ok,
>because when a "virtual" resource didn't exist, a 404 document would create
>it and also send it. This one, that my script sent, was cached, and
>subsequent requests used the cached version. However, if it already has been
>created and isn't in the client's cache, Internet Explorer will not cache
>I think the reason is the "Vary: negotiated" header that Apache is sending,
>when a request for /image actually delivers /image.jpeg. I did some
>experiments and tried to remove this header (as well as "Content-Location"
>and "TCN: choice") using mod_headers and "Header unset Vary", but it had no
>effect. I tried loading mod_headers after mod_negotiation, but that had no
>effect either.
>The thing here is that I don't really want negotitation, in the sense that
>one of several resources are selected. I simply want to not have the
>extension in the URI, but have it in the real filename so that Apache
>quickly can determine the type. mod_negotiation does this for me, but the
>effect on Internet Explorer are too severe.
>Is there no way I can control how mod_negotiation deals with client caching?
>What I want is that a "negotiated" response will look to the client as
>though it wasn't negotiated. Under the section "Note on caching" in the docs
>(, it
>says: "Apache also supports the HTTP/1.1 protocol features to allow caching
>of negotiated responses". Hmm, ok... but how?
>It feels I'm missing something, and I hope someone can shed some light on
>this issue, as I will probably have to redesign the mentioned product unless
>I can make Internet Explorer cache these resources. Any thoughts and ideas
>are welcome.
>Robert Andersson
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