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From "Wouter van Vliet" <>
Subject [users@httpd] The ever returning error: client stopped connection before send mmap completed
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 12:22:59 GMT
Hello Folks,
I'm quite new to this list, .. not very new to apache and please make me new
to a solution for the problem I'm about to draw.
I run this website (, in Dutch), totally written in
Perl, apache interfaced with mod_perl and my error_log keeps getting filled
with error messages that I do not know a cause nor cure for. Basically it's
this three:
[Fri Oct 31 12:45:56 2003] [info] [client] (104)Connection
reset by peer: client stopped connection before send mmap completed
[Fri Oct 31 12:01:11 2003] [info] [client] read request line
timed out
[Fri Oct 31 11:54:54 2003] null: Database handle destroyed without explicit
disconnect at /home/comics/ line 56.
As for the third one I do not expect to find a solution in this list, I'll
probably need to get in touch with the DBI perl-module guru's. The other
ones, .. well, I'm hoping very much to find out what they mean. I've searchd
google, the archives. In fact I've been searching the web for a cause and or
cure for the past six months now.
To summarize:
*) error_log is showing the above messages
*) I'd like to know why they appear in my error log
*) and I'm looking for a away to get rid of them
Any help is very much appriciated,
(ps. of course the ip numbers don't show as x's in the logs, ... )

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