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From "Leif W" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] [OT] BBC NEWS REPORT
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 12:52:42 GMT
Well, first I'd probably suggest putting an [OT] or [Off Topic] notice in
the subject, as it's not Apache related.  ;-)  Second, I don't really want
to encourage off-topic posts, but I can tell the subject seemed really
important to you, enough to risk getting banned in order to raise awareness.
Third, your post stirred up lot of negative feelings but didn't provide URLs
to other news articles or organizations focussed on this topic, nor did it
suggest any firm courses of action besides boycotting Sun because they
banned you from a list.  Fourth, boycotting Sun in and of itself seems only
to serve as a personal vendetta for you, and not serve to help those in need
across the globe.  Fifth, I think you'd need more solid proof and hard
evidence and documentation before calling people Nazis or Nazi-like in a
public forum, (like following a trail of money and resources, i.e. does Sun
heavily rely upon Hindu programmers in India?), as it could be construed as
libel and lead to legal troubles.  Sixth, the world IMHO is often a crappy
place and people often can only survive by tuning out the crappy stuff
(chosing not to be aware), otherwise they get unhappy and upset about things
they have little or no control over anyways.  Seventh, raising awareness on
a technical channel may be an even more extreme example than the sixth
comment, where people tune out everything good or bad and focus only on
technical matters, such that it might be exceedingly difficult to raise the
level of awareness, and often will be met with a STFU (shut up) attitude and
ignored, so you have to be mindful of that before making your attempt to
raise awareness, and be prepared to not take it personally.  Eigth, putting
all this together, I think you could probably put together a more effective
campaign to raise awareness about this disturbing issue.

Hope that helps,


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From: "message message" <>
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Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 3:53 AM
Subject: [users@httpd] BBC NEWS REPORT

> There was a  BBC news report yesterday from India regarding Hindus having
> burned alive nearly 1,000 Muslims during riots against Muslims.
> The BBC news report stated that NOT ONE Hindu was charged
> with the Murder of Muslims.
> Clearly implying that the authorities are encouraging these atrocities
> against the minority.
> In one instance the Only Muslim business in the predominately Hindu
> area was burned to the ground including the Muslim occupants.
> Clearly as this business existed before but no longer exists means that
> the atrocities against Muslims are getting worse.
> The governer of the province refused to make any comments
> to the BBC reporter and walked out on the interview when the reporter
> raised these issues of importance.
> The only issue the governer was interested in saying
> was that foreign businesses should invest in India and that
> is the only comment he would make.
> Another words companies like you should encourage and fund
> the burning of Muslims.
> Two years ago an earthquake disaster took place in India
> where the injured Muslims were refused aid and told to
> change their religion to Hindu otherwise they can starve
> and bleed to death.
> I raised this issue on the to bring awareness
> about the people and companies who occupy these mailing lists.
> Needless to say that my account was cloned by Hindus before I raised
> this issue.
> Therefore they advertised their own behaviour with out any prompt from me.
> I feel ASHAMED that companies like are encouraging via funding  the
> burning alive
> of people because of their religious beliefs.
> I was banned from the Sun Microsystems  mailing lists for raising
> of the atrocities being committed against Muslims.
> I think that Sun Microsystems who runs these mailing lists
> should be boycotted until they change their attitude.
> This current behaviour is very much reflective of the
> behaviour of NATZIs against Jews in the mid 20th Century.
> I am referring here in particular to the NATZI GAS CHAMBERS.
> I BEG you to please please please please take your invest elsewhere
> as this is the only way the atrocities against  children,women
> and men of all ages can be stopped.
> _________________________________________________________________
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