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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache very slow on Windows 2000
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 18:04:03 GMT

From: "Harry Sufehmi"

> I even reinstalled this workstation,
> and still no change.

Windows has many wonderful built-in actions
to accomplish what you seem to want to do but
you have not explained it clear enough and with
enough "facts", file types, file sizes, headers,
network settings,netmon dumps, browser settings,
and etc. in order for others to really help you.

Try showing the results of some VBScript
Windows Scripting scripts that provide lots
of the above settings information while
running Apache on Windows.


Now one can find the various "settings" of Windows
OS "actions" for use with Apache on Windows web
server with programs written with the free compilers
via the built-in .NET Frameworks


You can download the entire .Net SDK
for free from the Microsoft web site,
here is the download URL:

.NET Framework SDK Version 1.1


or with scripts via the built-in Windows Script
Host (WSH).

With either product, .NET Frameworks or
Windows Script Host, use the language of
your desire (.NET Frameworks has over
45+ computer languages available).

Since not all (yet) Apache on Windows
web server admins have the free .NET
Frameworks CSharp compiler and since
all Apache on Windows web server users
have VBScript built-in, and VBScript is so
easy to use and follow along with, lots of
people always use VBScript for examples
(and everyday usage).

But one may also use Perl, JScript, Ruby
and others such scripting languages with the
Windows Script Host too.

Anyway all the users of Apache on Windows
web servers already have available to them
two built-in scripting languages, VBScript and
JScript, accessible via the built-in Windows
Script Host(s) of Cscript.exe for CUI command
prompt window type usage and Wscript.exe for
GUI Windows MsgBox dialog type usage or even
a combination of Cscript.exe CUI also displaying
GUI dialogs.


Save the below VBScript language script file as
ShowVer.vbs into any folder.

'* Start of file.

strWorker = "Running Windows Script Host " _
  & Wscript.Version & vbCrLf _
  & "using " & GetScriptEngineInfo()

Wscript.Echo strWorker


Function GetScriptEngineInfo()
   Dim s
    '* Build the version string.
   s = ""
   s = s & ScriptEngine() & " Version "
   s = s & ScriptEngineMajorVersion() & "."
   s = s & ScriptEngineMinorVersion() & "."
   s = s & ScriptEngineBuildVersion()
   GetScriptEngineInfo = s
End Function

'* End of file.

After saving the above file ShowVer.vbs into
any folder, then in a command prompt window
changed to the same folder that ShowVer.vbs
was saved into, then for CUI usage type:

cscript.exe ShowVer.vbs

Then in a command prompt window for
GUI usage type:

wscript.exe ShowVer.vbs

If your Windows Scripting files are up to
date ShowVer.vbs returns:

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Running Windows Script Host 5.6
using VBScript Version 5.6.8515

in the command prompt CUI cscript.exe window
and in the GUI Wscript.exe MsgBox dialog type


For upgrades and/or to install on older OS versions.

Windows Script Host 5.6 download

And for CHM Compiled HTML Help File
Windows Script Host 5.6 documentation download


Now that you see the main difference between
the two Windows Script hosts, Cscript.exe and
Wscript.exe, let's move on to listing examples
of your needs in Windows Scripting using VBScript.


Enumerating Network Adapter Configuration Properties

Set the TCP Window Size for All Network Adapters

And of course, try  the other networking links
available under Networking (or any subject)
for the other VBScript Window Scripting scripts
available in the left side menus.


After you learn how to use the above VBScript
scripts then try Windows Scripting with more
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
classes like the Performance Counter Classes

Windows XP and up can use the newer
Win32_PerfFormattedData class types,
where as Windows 2000 must use the
old Win32_PerfRawData classes and
use "two takes" of the classes and then
do the "compare math" themselves.



For more help with Windows Scripting:

Administration scripting examples and an ONLINE
version of the 1328 page Scripting Guide:


This book is designed to teach you basic concepts
underlying Microsoft scripting technologies such as
Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript),
Windows Script Host (WSH), Active Directory Service
Interfaces (ADSI), and Windows Management
Instrumentation (WMI).


Windows 2000 Scripting Guide
Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Guide


This help file contains all the scripts
found in the TechNet Script Center.


CHM Compiled HTML Help File
TechNet Script Center Sample Scripts


Contains complete documentation for
JScript, VBScript, Windows Script Host,
Windows Script Components, Remote Scripting,
Script Control, and Script Debugger.


CHM Compiled HTML Help File
Windows Script Host (WSH) 5.6 documentation


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