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From "yc lim" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Help!: Error 400 when setting up Virtual Host
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:37:21 GMT
Hello all,

  I have a problem setting up virtual host on apache. I have followed the 
steps described in the apache documentation and I have successfully 
restarted httpd. But when I request for the virtual host, I receive a 400 
error (both for the sub-domain and the domain).

  But the server reverts to normal when I reset everything back to default. 
I need help with this problem and it has been bugging me for months. :(

  Server Setup:

  OS: Redhat 9.0
  Apache: 2.0.40

  Network Architecture:

  I have setup a home network. My DSL modem connects directly to my router. 
My server is connected to one of the 4-port switch. I have configured my 
router such that all requests on port 80 is forwarded to my server.

  DNS setup:

  I have a domain name e.g.
  What i wish to do is to setup (alias and
  I have setup my dns to direct * to my IP (dyanmic)
  When I ping my domain names and virtual domains (i.e., 
the IPs are resolved correctly.

  Config file:

  Attached is my httpd.conf in txt format.

  I'm really at a loss. Hope you guys can help. Thanks


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