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From "Eddie Bush" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache2: Server runs - doesn't show as service
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 01:00:59 GMT
I'm running WindowsXP Home Edition on a box here at the house.  I've been running it quite
fine - even have Tomcat up and going and Apache2 delegating the apropriate things to it. 
All works quite fine.

... today - just a moment ago - I noticed I had some updates waiting.  Well, being the sort
who likes to stay up-to-date (especially with the latest rash of attacks/viruses etc), I applied
them, and every since my machine started back up Apache and Tomcat both run ... but their
monitors don't show them running, and they don't show to be running in the Services list.
 As you might imagine, I find this rather annoying.

Would any of you happen to know what I should be looking for to fix this (IMHO) abberant behavior?
 Obviously, one of the patches changed something for some reason ... but I can't for the life
of me figure out what it was so that I may correct it.


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