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From "BBF Tech. Support" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Please help with a couple of Apache problems
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:29:10 GMT
Have you considered your Internet Provider - this is not an uncommon occurance!

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From: Michael Hyman
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 22:06:04 -0700

Hi guys, I am really looking for some help on a problem that has me stumped.
Last week, we started seeing very poor performance related to image download. We have web
pages that are pretty complex 
and have about 45 small-ish .gif and .jpeg files. They are all under 100k.
When you select one of these pages, the page renders in like 9 seconds and then the images
start downloading one by one 
and take about 40 seconds to complete.
I have tried playing with the Apache Min and Max Server settings and Keepalives. These made
no difference.
All web requests come through a cisco 7206 router, then to a Pix firewall and then to a F5
Big/IP, if that makes it easier to 
think of. The servers are Sun Netra 1125's running Solaris 8.
So, I am really looking for some leads and direction on this. I have never been stumped like
this before.
The other simple question related to Linux. Which version of Linux would you recommend for
Apache? I am new to Linux, so I 
am learning at the same time as building 20 servers and getting them into production. I have
been working with unix for almost 
20 years, so Linux is not that different, but it is unique. Anyway, I am going to use Red
Hat, for now. But I am not sure about 
version. We are using P4 chips with HyperThreading, so that support is important. I was thinking
of 7.3, but it is pretty old. Is 8 
or 9 better? More stable?
Thanks and I really hope you all can help...Michael
PS. sorry for posting to both lists, but I need help fast!

Allan L. Stephan (Al)
Director ITS
Largo, FL
OS/2 loves ya baby!

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