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From "Mertz, Richard" <>
Subject [users@httpd] alias directive and stunnel
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:43:38 GMT
We are attempting to use stunnel between two servers.  We find that when
we send messages through stunnel, the alias apache directive does not
get used.  The data:


1.                   Client makes following request url to:

2.                   stunnel on ServerA takes https request and sends it
to apache on ServerB on port 80

3.                   Apache on ServerA gets request and looks for actual
document {DOCUMENT_ROOT}/abc/index.html instead of using alias for /abc/


I know that ServerA gets the /abc/index.html request because if there is
an actual {DOCUMENT_ROOT}/abc/index.html it will display it.   


Speculation:  The https request that is sent through stunnel (which
decrypts the message) somehow has a header on it that causes apache to
not process the alias.  Currently that is all I can think of.  


Anyone have any ideas?


Richard Mertz

Information Systems

City of Evanston



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