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From "Nathan Butcher" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Beginner's test problem
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 06:39:17 GMT

I'm a newbie user with Apache 2.0 running off Red-Hat 9, and I'm trying to
set it up as a test web-server. At the moment, it is connected to a client
running Win2000. The connections are fine, and both server and client are
pinging each other nicely. A sample webpage has been placed in
/var/www/html/ on the server (and the config file has been set to see it).
In fact, I've barely touched the httpd config file at all, other than to
check the IP address and where the web page is supposed to sit.

The Win 2000 client's TCP/IP properties has been set to the server's IP
After "apachectl start" is issued, the client tries to access the server's
IP address to see the test web page, but it times out and displays nothing.
The connection *seems* to be working and trying to read the webpage, but it
eventually gives up and says "Page not found". I can't see anything in the
access_log, but the error_log is repeatedly mentioning something about a
"Child process XXXX still did not exist, sending a SIGTERM"

Since I'm a total newbie and pretty clueless so far, is there anythign else
that I have to configure, or is there something very important that I
haven't taken into consideration at all?
I'm stumped.


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