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From "Arjan Duijs - Imposium" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Strange apache/winXP problem
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 10:33:23 GMT


I have a weird problem with my apache2.0.46 and winXP pro. 


when someone wants to access some of the webpages on my local machine,
he/she cannot see any image. 

they all display if an image is not on the location (diplays dimensions
with a red cross in the corner)...but they are. 


if i acces the pages though localhost or through the IP addres i can see
them normaly. but any other who is accessing cant see the darn images. 


and later when you login you will have the problem with EVERY image 


all images are made on the same machine as the webserver is installed
on. Iam using the same photoshop for years now. 


i dont have any problems when i upload them to a "real" webserver. 


here take a look, just uploaded the files, no adjustments to the images 


try usrname: arjan 

password: arjan 

on both sites. 

the shows the images as they should be. and the other one


no adjustments have been made to either the images or the scripts 









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