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From Gordon Stewart <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Error Logs
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 09:34:05 GMT
At 12:30 AM 5/7/03 Boyle Owen wrote:-

> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Gordon Stewart []
> >
> >I'll check the verbose thing later
>I don't wish to appear snooty, but you should check the docs *first* and
>post on mailing lists *later*...

I do that - except the docs are written by an expert, & he/she expects the 
end user to be an expert.
(not enough explanations)

> >
> >Yes - Ive got modules/ Ok - How do I 'request' that
>module ?
>I meant "request" at compilation time. If you have a .so file then
>that's OK; you must've requested it (--enable-shared=rewrite
>--enable-module-rewrite) or, since you are are on Windows, maybe it was
>already present in the distro you installed. Since you have it, your
>LoadModule line should work.

Ive got that module...

>The problem must therefore be with the syntax of your rewrite directives
>(casting these is not trivial...). Since this is getting off the topic
>of error logs, would you mind reposting your original problem (use the
>old thread if you like) but with some additional data:
>- what URL do you want to rewrite?
>- what do you want it rewritten to?
>- what *exactly* is happening (please don't say "it doesn't work" :-)

Ok - Ive edited my HOSTS file on my win 98, so that goes to my server website (not the main 24/7 live 

This works - I now see the HTML of the website on my Apache server - Main 
website (My PC not an internet live seever)

Now - I WANT :-

when someone goes to - I want a CGI script to be activated

eg (its only on my PC now - 
not the main server as yet)

>You might also like to activate the RewriteLog and see what's happening
>there. Check the docs for details....

Yes - Ive checked the logs & the docs

Ive got these two lines in the httpd.conf & re-booted :-

RewriteLog "/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/logs/rewrite.log"
RewriteLogLevel 9

As yet - when I go to http// - it still shows the main 
HTML page - Not the CGI script.

The actual rewrite codes ive got in my .htaccess file is :-
(not including the dotted lines)

Options +Includes

RewriteEngine On
Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !cgi-bin/groups/view.cgi
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ cgi-bin/groups/view.cgi [L]

Ps - Ive checked the rewrite log file - NOTHING is shown there (but the 
server does create one)
Even though its level 9 - Which should log MOST / ALL the errors/warnings 
in rewriting codes)

does that make sense ?


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