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From "Hans Vos" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Bandwidth limitations Apache 2.0.xx on Windows 2000 Advanced Server (very strange problem)
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 16:26:11 GMT
I was hesitating to write this message because I've tried for two weeks
already to solve or at least find the source of my problem.
I'm using Apache 2.0.45 on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server machine, SP3
is installed so are all the other hot fixes and updates from Microsoft.
My problem is some kind of limitation on the outgoing bandthwidth of my
server. Here are three wget test runs.
This is the first one with Apache 2.0.45 as you can see I doesn't get
any higher than 390 KB/s
C:\wget>wget  <>
--22:11:17--   <>
=> '10mb.bin' Connecting to connected. HTTP request
sent, awaiting response... 200 OK 22:11:43 (394.96 KB/s) - `10mb.bin'
saved [10485760/10485760][/code]
This is the second one with Apache 1.3.27. The performance is mediocre
but that probably has more to do with the 1.3.xx version of Apache.
C:\wget>wget  <>
--22:11:58--   <>
=> '10mb.bin.1' Connecting to connected. HTTP request
sent, awaiting response... 200 OK 22:12:01 (4.23 MB/s) - `10mb.bin.1'
saved [10485760/10485760]
And finally one test with IIS HTTP Server, this one is very fast
C:\wget>wget  <>
--22:18:00--   <>
=> '10mb.bin' Connecting to connected. HTTP request
sent, awaiting response... 200 OK 22:18:01 (11.35 MB/s) - `10mb.bin.3'
saved [10485760/10485760]
Now your probably want to know what I've already tried, well quite a
lot, as you can read above I'm tried so find a solution for the past few
week so far I've been unsuccessful. By the way when I download six of
these file simultaneously the bandwidth isn't divided, each file
maintains a rate of 400 KB/s.
I also installed Windows 2000 Professional and there is no problem then,
the test file was transferred just as fast as IIS HTTP Server, It seems
to be related to Windows 2000 Advanced Server only. I've tried four
different NIC's the latetst was a Intel PRO+ Dual Port Server NIC, that
didn't help. I've tried it with a complete reinstall of Win2K AS no
service packs or other driver just Apache 2.0.45 no changes in the
configuration file and still no luck.
I also got some help from a relative who is a system operator with a
large company he is specialized in 2000/NT and knows a lot about the
operating systems and how to configure them, he is also at a loss. When
reviewing mij server-status there are no anomalies, everything is in
perfect working order. To rule out my hard disk I/O performance I've
created a RAMDRIVE and pointed the htdocs directory with the 10mb.bin
test file there, this also didn't improve the situation. My event logs
are clean no errors whatsoever.
To sum it up, I have absolute no idea what to fix this problem, I found
this in a google user group:
a somewhat similar problem but no solution was given, I sincerely hope
the users who read this message can help me out. This is the first time
I've posted in this group I hope it will be a good one.
With kind regards,
Hans Vos, 19, The Netherlands

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