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From "CJ" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] desperate please help
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 13:57:42 GMT
I just wanna thank everyone for all their help yesterday with my
problem. IT WORKED. Im so stupid when it comes to these things. Anyway,
I kept trying what everyone told me to do and I couldn't get nothing,
then I found out that your advice worked afterall..if I understand
correctly, I wont be able to view my site within my network? But when I
signed on aol I could get to it and others can access it.
So thank you everyone yall are lifesavers

"I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell"
Dont forget to visit Cherrys Place

-----Original Message-----
From: Thomas Strike [] 
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 8:52 AM
Subject: Re: [users@httpd] desperate please help

> I just installed a netgear cable/dsl wireless router to share internet
> access with another comp........

At this point, this query is almost off topic, but since it involves
redirecting incoming Internet traffic to the proper internal server that
services port 80, here are my thoughts.

I am also running a Netgear FM114P Wireless Firewall as a gateway to my
The default gateway address of these routers default to

> I am not having problems with the netgear at all, when it was hooked
> both comps, we can both access the internet, I am only having problems
> with configureing my ip.

Since you can access the Internet through your Netgear Router, I have to
assume that you have reconfigured your computers' network adapters to
internal IP addresses such as and with subnet
if and a gateway address of which points to
Netgear router.  I also asume that you have given the external port on
Netgear the address

This has to be true or you could not access the Internet. And if this is
true, you should be able to log onto your Netgear router by opernig your
brouser and entering  A dialog box to log in will
up. Log on for the first time as user = admin and password = password.
Change your password when you gain access.

After your in, At the Left of the screen, in blue, under Security,
rules.  On the next screen, then under inbound services, select Add. In
screen, in the services dropbox, select HTTP(TCP:80). The next dropbox,
action, select "Allow always".  Next, in the "send to LAN server" box,
the internal IP address of your Apache server.  In the WAN users box,
"Any". you don't need to specify a range of addresses if you allow all
access to your web server. Lastly, I specify "log, Never". No sense to
up your router with logging that Apache is doing anyway.

You will need to add a forewording route like this for each service that
want to open up for access from the Internet.

When all this is accomplished, you then have to change the address that
specified in httpd.conf for Apache to listen to to your new intranet IP

I hope that your unit uses software close enough to mine that this can
be at
least a guide to getting yours configured properly.  If you can't get
to the administrative software in the router using the aforementioned
approach, then your next step is to contact Netgear.  Also, Double-check
your user's manual for the procedure to do a Reset, Reinitialize.  This
brings the router back to it's original factory settings, IP addresses,
logon defaults, and all internal settings. Try that and then try logging
to again.

Best of luck
Tom S.

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