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From "Paul" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Newbie question - apache behind a firewall - please point me in the right direction!
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 18:21:42 GMT

I am trying to run a webserver behind a firewall.  I have a cable modem (cox cable) and two
routers - a wireless, behind which I plan on running the webserver and a wired, behind which
I keep my home PC.  The second firewall is to protect the sensitive data that might be on
my home PC from the webserver and wireless vunerabilities.  Both are set up and are working

I have registered my domain name and use a dynamic DNS service (zoneedit).  Apache is setup
and running, and I can see my webpage on any PC on my home network (behind the first firewall
or second) by typing the machine address (192.168.0.xxxx).  The dynamic dns seems to be working,
as if I type in my webpage name ( on any machine inside either firewall, I get
the admin page for the first router (according to netgear, this is normal, as the ip from
the requesting pc is inside the firewall, so it assumes you want to go to the admin page).
 I don't have a DNS set up inside my network, so the only way to resolve the webpage name
must be through the dynamic DNS service.

The problem is trying to access the webpage from outside the firewall.  I can't see anything.
 On the first router, the second router is set up as a DMZ excluding port 80, which is directed
to the machine running apache, so that http traffic should be forwarded to the apache box.

Any ideas on the problem?  Where to start?  I guess it could be a apache setup problem, a
router/firewall setup problem, or a dynamic dns problem, but I haven't been able to figure
anything out.  Any hints would be appreciated, or if anyone needs more information to help
diagnose, please let me know.

The only error message I get is when apache starts up, I get a message about not having a
fully qualified domain name, so it uses  Could this be the problem, since the apache
box is 192.168.0.xxxx? 

Thanks in advance.  Sorry if this is a dumb question - I a new to this.


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