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From (George Walsh)
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Relating URL name to Document Root
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 20:32:18 GMT
Thanks for being so patient with me on this.
I've inserted my responses, item by item.

>On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 19:30, George Walsh wrote:
>> In the past I have been able to accomplish this without difficulty. Now, in the ADVX
version of Apache 2.0.44, I have encountered a brick wall.
>> I have 2 urls pointing to the same IP on the external net.
>  OK.  1 external IP address known to the world.

>> I have 2 ip aliases assigned for these on the localhost. 
>  How are you going to map from 1 ip address to 2 internally?

In my naivety I assumed that when incoming traffic was directed (forwarded) to the main host,
that it would be passed through dns to resolve the url into the local ip number and therefore
trigger the virtual host container. From what you say, this cannot happen.

>> Each has a Virtual Host entry (by number), along with servername, documentroot etc.
>  Sounds like IP-based VirtualHosts.

Yes, because I eventually need ssl and all I've read says that is not an option with name-based
>> On the localhost everything works perfectly.
>  Makes sense.
>> Dig and nslookup -sil return the expected data, and sendmail works fine as 
>> well.
>  OK.  But maybe unimportant.
I just wanted to rule out dns as any part of my problem.
>> The problem is with requests from the external net. No matter which of the 2 
>> urls is referenced, the page returned is the default page from the default 
>> (main) server.
>  Comes back to 'how to map from 1 external address to 2 internal ones'.
>  Unless you have a http-proxy between the outside and the inside, I
>  don't see this as possible.
So, I have to read-up on and implement Squid to accomplish this?
>> It seems to me that Apache needs to lookup the url in dns and then read the 
>> VirtualHost Container. Obviously, it isn't doing that.
>  What 'url'?  The one handed in from your router/firewall?  Seems I
>  remember some discussion re: a linksys router.  IIRC, they do
>  port-forwarding, not NAT'ing.  So both 'urls' are being forwarded to
>  a single IP address inside.  
Maybe more confusion on my part. I only know that anything coming in to the registered url
is forwarded to the main server. 

>  Suggestion would be to use Name-based VirtualHosts.  Both hosts on the
>  same internal IP address, but with different server names.  
I'd agree - much simpler all in all and more straightforward to document, but it just won't
cut the mustard with ssl.
I guess its time to dig into proxy serving if I want to make this work. In the meantime, and
again, thanks for riding this out with me. At least I have a place to start out now!

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