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From "Willem-Jan Meijer" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Installation of Apache on Windows ME...
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:26:41 GMT
Willem-Jan Meijer schreef op maandag 21 april 2003 16:47:

> "Jonathan Villa" <> schreef op Monday, April
> 21, 2003 9:03 AM: 
>>> I am trying to help someone install Apache 2.0.43 on Windows ME
>>> (trying to do this via Instant Messenger).
>>> Well, we have walked through the installation many, many, times and
>>> everytime, when http://localhost used in the web browser
>>> The result is an empty page.  There is also no error or access log
>>> in /logs. 
>>> Make any sense to anyone or anyone have an idea?
>>> -Jonathan

I see you're using http://localhost, but did you try http://localhost:80 ?
If this doesn't work, try http://ip-adress or http://ip-adress:80 It points
your browser to port 80

But I don't like Windows ME. At my computers it was very unstable with lots
of crashes. I'm now using Windows XP pro (try kazaa) and it works fine. I've
bought a motherboard with amd duron 1300 mhz, I used an old hdd and 2 nic's
and installed linux (debian) on it, I installed apache 2.0.44 from the
source and it's running fine (for 150 days w/o crashes or downtime). With
this I want to say: If you have an old computer, give it 2 nics, install
debian and you've got a server wich is very stable

I know it has to be possible on WinME, but M$ makes it sometimes hard to do


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