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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] 2.0.44/prefork Invalid argument: connect to listener, then crash
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 08:13:21 GMT
>-----Original Message-----
>From: pete rippe []
>As of 3 days ago, my apache went belly up. I'll get to exactly what 
>happened right after i drop my ap info:
>Apache 2.0.44 w/mpm prefork
>on openbsd 3.2, pent. 133 (i believe), 64m ram
>mods included: so, and php 4.2.3
>and standard conf with only addtype and load for php
>Ok, heres what happened. Server was running fine for 29 days, no 
>hickups, smoothly, then, one morning, it stopped responding. I tried 
>restarting it, but the 10 httpd process wouldnt go away, tried 
>kill for 
>each of the pid's and all i got was a response that they didnt exist.

Was it just apache which was suffering? How about crond, sendmail,
syslogd etc.? Could be that your whole system got screwed up due to a
problem elsewhere. Things to check:

- disk usage (df -ka) (logfiles can sometimes run away with all the
- is the machine on NFS? (automountd running?)
- any kernel mods? (insmod, upgrades?)
- new hardware installed?
- anything else changed?

Owen Boyle

>Checked my error logs, every second, for about a few hours, was the 
>following error:
>[warn] (22) Invalid argument: connect to listener
>about half way through that, there was a connection or 2, but 
>the server 
>pretty much called it quits after that. So i decided to check a bit 
>above, just usual crap from codered, etc, but right exactly above the 
>start of the invalid argument was an error:
>[error] [client xxxxx] client sent malformed Host header
>In the access log, i got what the header was that corresponded to that 
> - - [10/Feb/2003:18:31:36 -0500] "GET 
>  HTTP/1.0" 400 326
>I've seen that before in my logs, but apache never responded to it 
>before, especially with a malformed header error, normally just gave a 
>404. But anyways, so i finally got to the point of having to 
>restart to 
>get everything to clear up. Apache worked fine after the boot, running 
>nicely, till yesterday morning, when it completly stopped again, and 
>same symptoms of not being able to close any of the running processes.
>One thing i did note, was, the previous error_log was 1.3 megs, so i 
>coppied it to my computer here, and deleted the original, to 
>start fresh 
>  from the previous logs, you know, just to watch for apachy being 
>weird. Well, after that reboot, apache never created the log 
>again like 
>it has in the past, and in the 24 hrs it was running till it 
>died again, 
>still hasnt generated it.
>Oh yeah, one more thing i noticed, when i ran ps -ax to see all the 
>processes, normally apache after boot lists as httpd -k start, or 
>something to that effect (i really don't remember what exactly it is), 
>but after the times it has crashed, it just lists as (httpd), and each 
>of thoes, lists like the following output:
>nobody   29198  0.0  0.0     0     0 ??  ZW    -          
>0:00.00 (httpd)
>Everything is set to 0, so something is hickuping somewhere, 
>and i have 
>no idea whats going wrong. I've waited a few days before 
>posting to here 
>just so i could look around and make sure it wasnt something stupid I 
>did, but I can't find anything.
>Any help would be appriciated, and if anyone needs more info, 
>i'll help 
>as much as i can.
>Pete Rippe
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