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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] anything really safe to use in .htaccess?
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 09:08:52 GMT
Things are not as haphazard as you think. The conditions under which
directives in a .htaccess file are applied are well-defined. Basically,
.htaccess overrides httpd.conf, assuming the directives are allowed by
"AllowOverride". You can't expect apache to ignore a directive if it
causes an error - that would mean you could put in a faulty directive,
apache would ignore it and you would think that the directive was

I can't see how your "Options +Indexes" would disable the site. What
changed in the config file?

Owen Boyle

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dan Jacobson []
>Sent: Dienstag, 4. Februar 2003 23:28
>Subject: [users@httpd] anything really safe to use in .htaccess?
>What are some robust things an average website author can put in
>.htaccess on an average hosting company's machine, that won't cause
>one's site to go "500 belly up" when the administrator changes some
>config file?
>Case in point, my .htaccess was
>ErrorDocument 404 /messages/404.html
>Options +Indexes
>ExpiresActive On
>ExpiresByType image/jpeg A8888888
>ExpiresByType image/png A7777777
>until a week ago when the sysadmin changed some file so now my Options
>+Indexes line was causing the whole site to be unaccessible until
>discovered today. 
>Anyway, probably like anything in computer land, the "in crowd" knows
>which .htaccess items are more likely to weather the whims of whatever
>the sysadmin does than others... probably I will have to make my own
>indexes if I want them and also be safe from the Levis 500 Blues.  Any
>other unsafe lines in there? If I put an additional ErrorDocument 500
>will that work or is that not something the user can control?
>Can I say in there "if any errors are found in .htaccess, just stop
>reading it, dont stop serving"?
>Well, as you know I am not going to read any more .htaccess docs,
>because what i do in there has to mesh with what the sysadm does and i
>don't control or even get to see that.
>maybe i should just play it safe and not risk anymore weeklong outages
>by just removing .htaccess.
>Don't tell me that it depends on my sysadm. I know that (that's why
>I'm not mentioning the apache version number.)  . What I want to hear
>is "Dan, your ErrorDocument line will work on 99% of the hosts I know,
>whereas your ExpiresByType , while well intentioned, is just an
>accident waiting to happen if the sysadm doesn't remember to ...."
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