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From "Mauricio Bracale" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Problems Using PHP3 and PHP4 at same time.
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 22:44:04 GMT


            I´m writing to this list, because I´m having a BIG problem
to install php3 and php4 over the same apache dist. 

I´m installing apache, and both PHPs from the source code. I install
apache normally, test it, and everything run normally. Install PHP3
without any trouble, and it also works. When I install PHP4 with
“—enable-versoning” option, it compile, and install without any errors,
but when I start the apache daemon, it doesn´t come up, and appears the
following message in my screen “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” and is
created an httpd.core file.

I install all modules in apache as DSO scheme, then I comment the php3
module add line, and them the apache daemon come up normally and open a
PHP4 page normally, the same occurs when I comment the PHP4 line and
uncomment the PHP3 line. The problem just appears when both PHP modules
are loaded.

I´m installing an Apache 1.3.27, with mod_perl, PHP 3.0.8 and PHP 4.3.1
in a FreeBSD 5.0 OS.


Appreciate any help.

Tks in advance.





Mauricio Bracale

E-mail:  <>

Analista de Redes/Segurança

Rede 3 Adiministradora de Redes e Cartões LTDA.

R. Marjor Sertório 332, Vila Buarque

Tel: 3236-9050



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