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From "Nikunj Virani" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] help me save apache ...
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 05:03:55 GMT
Go for PHP its 10 times  better then ASP and is more reliable then ASP. You
can connect to the Access Database fairly easily as well with PHP (you can
also connect through ODBC DSN based connection).

Although Mysql would be preferrable to using Acccess if its just for single
page u can also use Access. PHP has the lease learning curve in programming
language (its very similar to C in syntaxes). Let me point u to one of the
good tutorials available at:

>apache was the choice made by me .. but we created
>this new page that requires some input from users on
>the web page i have been forced to think of replacing
>apache with IIS simply because IIS support asp & guys
>here know asp to be connected with access database ..
>what should i do ?

>Dumping Apache for IIS is painful, but retraining
>a team of developers to use similar but (lets not kid ourselves) entirely
>different technology is far more painful and costly. When faced with the
>choice to retrain an entire team or switch webservers, a smart manager
>is going to choose switching webservers.

Just my point of view "Dumping stability for vulnerability would be BAD,
similarly dumping Apache for IIS or PHP for ASP would be ridiculous just
because in long term this products will allow prove to be far better then
any MS products".

Hope that does the trick.

Nikunj Virani
Senior System Administrator
Pune, India

PS: Did i ever mention PHP is easy to learn.? ;)

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