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From "Hongmiao" <>
Subject [users@httpd] For Help
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 20:20:50 GMT

I developed the LSP (Layer Service Provider) on Windows 2000, when client query big file through
Apache server, there is a problems if my LSP intercept.

I check the apache code, apache server uses TransmitFile() function to transfer big file,
and uses WaitForSingleObject(signal object is socket instead of event) to get signaled. My
question is who will signal the apache server, what is the mechanism of this signaled system.
If WaitForSingleObject() using event as signaled object, my LSP can signaled the apache server.
But if WaitForSingleObject() used socket as signaled object, someone else can ahead my LSP
inform the apache even the overlapped I/O transferred result is not updated.

Couldn't you tell me why apache server used socket as signaled object for WaitForSingleObject()
function instead of event, and who will signal the overlapped I/O result? What's the mechanism
for this signal system.

Thanks in advance.

Hongmiao Wang

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