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Subject [users@httpd] help with directory accesses
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 07:40:50 GMT
I have 5 dirs inside my DocumentRoot, 2 of them suppose to have
encrypted security (implemented using OpenSSL ) and 3 don't.
What is the directive for my "main" host to recognise that this
particular directory shall be secure or unsecure and to change ports and
toggle SSLEngine accordingly:
eg.  choose from  http://.../root/dir:80
                   and  https://.../root/dir:443

the actual problem is that both hosts have same DocumentRoot,which is

eg                             htdocs
    |         |        |         |
                 dir1      dir2    dir3      dir4

dir1 and dir3  must be secure and dir 2 and dir4 must be unsecure.
There 2 ports:
5800 non-secure port
4800 secure port

if  I am now at http://www... :5800/dir2    and want to get to dir 1 I
have to switch to SSL and change ports , the request should be
https://www... :4800/dir1
How can I achieve this ?

Thanks for your help

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