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From "Jacob Coby" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] newcomer's questions
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:14:34 GMT
> 1: Simple beginner's manual available?
> No matter what documentation I read, it all seams to be aimed at
> users. Does anyone know about a simple document that describes the very
> basics of understanding apache 2.0 on a windows platform? Like how do you
> pull up a one-page website that has just "hello world" in proper html
> Apache supports a lot of things, but every one must start at zero. I know
> nothing about perl, cgi, php and so on. All I need just now, is some
> text file to understand what I absolutely need, and what I can absolutely
> leave for the near future.

The default windows msi distro should do exactly what you want.  Install
apache, start it, everything works.

> - how can apache be told to see my d:/www directory where I have just one
> file: index.html? It keeps displaying the predefined site files that came
> with apache, but I want it to display my index.html when I browse to the
> ip-address of the machine running apache in my small home network. What
> be misconfigured?

That is in your httpd.conf, the DocumentRoot directive.  Change it to say
"D:/www" like you want and then restart apache.

> - Why do English html files that come with apache have a .en extension,
> while all I want is display a simple .html file? I need no language
> at all for now. Can I safely remove all language directives without
> my apache server?

Sure.  The language features aren't used if you don't add the .en, .de, .fr,
.whatever extention though, so its only a minor issue.  You can just nix the
whole language stuff from the .conf file.

> - When I start apache, it says none of 1 virtual hosts is running. I have
> one machine, would like just one website and I don't understand virtual
> hosts yet. What _is_ a virtual host? Why doesn't apache simply say it is
> running, rather than telling me "none of 1" thing is running? How many
> (hosts?) can be run and why would I want to do this?

A virtual host is a single website.  You can have as many websites as you
want on a single computer, and they can either be defined by name, or by ip.
In other words, you have have,, and
have them work off of the same IP address, or on different IP addresses.
You'd still have to pay for the domain names.

> - What is a module and why would I need any?

A module is a loadable extention to apache.  PHP, perl, authorization
extentions, language extensions, directory indexing, etc [can] all be loaded
as modules.  If you don't need them, don't load them and save a bit of ram
and cpu.

> - What happens if I leave all .conf settings in their defaults? Will I be
> able to run apache safely?


> - I have no internet domain as far as I know. All I did was attach my ip
> external address to a dns string. Instead of entering my ip address,
> can enter the dns name to reach my ftp server. Does this automatically
> that I have an internet domain that can be used for the web server as

If you can type in "nslookup" and have it return an ip
address, you have a domain that can be used for a web server.

> 2: configuration.
> What directives are absolutely necessary for the apache server to work? Is
> .conf file of 1k or less also possible?

Most of the stuff at the top, and the DocumentRoot stuff.  Anything in
<IfDefine> you can probably remove, if you don't wan that functionality.  1k
is pushing it.

 > I have many more questions, but I would be grateful if some of you are
> willing to help this newbie. Thankx very much.

That's what this list is for.  I'm sure you'll be able to answer your own
questions soon, once that epiphany hits :-)


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