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From Nani Jon <>
Subject [users@httpd] Problem with JSP pages using the Apache and Tomcat combo.
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 06:26:05 GMT

Hi all:

I am using the following setup:

Windows 2k, jdk1.4, Apache 2 to server static content, Tomcat as JSP/Servlet container, and
JBoss3 as the EJB container. I have configured the jboss_tomcat bundle to work with the apache
webserver. That was a success.

I have a bunch of JSP's with various lengths. The problem I am having is that as I access
the JSP's multiple times, the generated code gets all messed up. It loses some parts of the
page, as I keep accessing various links, I eventually end up getting garbage with the system
completely confused.

I tried using the built-in webserver in the jboss+tomcat combo on port 8080 and the problem
went away. I have large static content which I need the apache webserver for. I tried to remove
the include files, run all kinds of other tests, but the result was the same. I keep getting
totally messed up generated JSP files.

Any help/advice will be very much appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance.


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