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From "Julian Grunnell" <>
Subject [users@httpd] A quick mod_rewrite question
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 13:30:09 GMT
Platform - 2 x Sun E220R / Solaris 7
Apache 1.3.26
Load Balanced - all content + configs live on a backend server.

Wonder if anyone can help me with this pls. I include several virtual
host files in my main httpd config, but the main one
"virtual-hosts.system" uses mod_rewrite against a text based "map" file.
The remainder are just regular virtual hosts and this all works fine. I
wanted to include another virtual host file that also used mod_rewrite.
I copied and setup the new one but when Apache runs it completely
ignores the entries in this one? Everything in the previous setup still
works fine.

I have a catch all virtual host which just shows a defualt page which
gets displayed for my 2nd virtual host setup with mod_rewrite.

<current httpd.conf snippet>

# Use name-based virtual hosting.

#Include hosts from:
#       mod_rewrite - the bulk of all vhosts
#       manual hosts - specials ONLY
#       SSL hosts - secure sites
#       redirects
Include /config/apache1326/virtual-hosts.system
Include /config/apache1326/virtual-hosts.manual
Include /config/apache1326/ssl-sites.conf
Include /config/apache1326/virtualhosts.redirect.small

#vhosts from old slightly server
Include /config/apache1326/slightly-hosts.conf

I think my question is, is this a feature of mod_rewrite / or just how
mod_rewrite works / or something I'm simply doing wrong? If I have
forgotten to include any logs / configs / information then pls let me

Cheers - J.

Julian Grunnell
3rd Line Technical Support
T: 0870 1278008 F: 0870 1278009
DDI: 0113 292 7739 <> 

Firstnet Services Ltd
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