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From Joel Dudley <>
Subject [users@httpd] high CPU usage
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 13:57:15 GMT
I have a strange issue with PHP and apache. I believe that I have eliminated
PHP as the culprit (issue does not occur when script is run with PHP-CGI).
When I run one of my PHP scripts that parses a large XML document (1-3MB)
the server will send out roughly 90% of the page to the browser, then the
CPU will spike to 99% on the Apache process and there is a long delay before
the last 10% of the page is sent to the browser. After the page is sent to
the browser the CPU will stay pegged at 99% on the apache process for approx
five seconds after the page has been sent. I switched from DOM parsing of
the XML to expat thinking that DOM was the resource hog. The only thing I
can think of is that I am flooding an output buffer somewhere. Any ideas? I
am using 1.3.26 and PHP 4.2.2. Thanks.

Joel Dudley
Faculty Research Associate
Arizona State University
Center for Evolutionary and Functional Genomics

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