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From Cahya Wirawan <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: [users@httpd] Testing if a Webserver is down
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 12:17:14 GMT
I use this simple perl script to check if a webserver is reachable,down,
or up but don't answer any http request, look on the attachment, you just 
need to change the $Host variable to your webserver name, and the interval
of testing. 


On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 09:08:00AM +0100, Boyle Owen wrote:
> Ping simply tests if the interface card is answering ICMP echo requests
> - this hardly proves the webserver is running!
> You need to open a socket to port 80 on the machine and issue an HTTP
> GET or HEAD request then parse the data. It is not trivial and if you
> don't know anything about shell-programming you will have a hard time,
> to say the least. Do you know anything about perl? It is a better
> language for tasks like this...
> Rgds,
> Owen Boyle
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> From: Jochen K├Ąchelin []
> Sent: Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2002 02:36
> To:
> Subject: Re[2]: [users@httpd] Testing if a Webserver is down
> AST> You could ping the domain in a loop
> AST> ping <IP> -t
> Yes, I know, but how can I check it with a bash script?
> I  pipe  the  output  of  the ping comand through grep and count the
> returned lines? But I really no nothing about bash-programming!
> -- 
> Jochen

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