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From Lee Fellows <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] help on apache configuration
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:04:01 GMT
On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 03:13, Boyle Owen wrote:
> AddModule is a core directive which re-activates modules which are already compiled in.
You only need to use it after you have done a "ClearModuleList".

  'Compiled in'?  Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, but when you
  and the documentation refer to 'compiled in', I think of statically
  linked modules.  And, indeed, I note that AddModule is used with
  mod_so.c which is statically linked.  However, as is not at all clear
  in the documentation, but appears clear in the comment in the
  httpd.conf, AddModule is also used after the ClearModuleList with all
  DSO modules loaded with LoadModule.  I then wonder if the 'compiled
  in' actually refers to what the AddModule documentation calls a
  'pre-loaded list of active modules'.  Is this list defined anywhere?

  To get back to Dawn's question:  Do you not need AddModule anymore?
  Upon reflection, I would have to state my answer was in error.  What
  appears to determine whether an AddModule directive is required for
  any given module is if a ClearModuleList directive is encountered
  between the point where the module is loaded (if not statically
  linked in) and where its directives are invoked.  If ClearModuleList
  is invoked after LoadModule, then AddModule appears to be required. 
  If no ClearModuleList directive occurs between the loading of the
  module and invoking its directives, then apparently not.  I would
  caution that I am only considering the effects in 1.3.26. Prior 
  versions of Apache may well behave quit differently.

> LoadModule is a mod_so directive which dynamically loads a module into apache at run
> The two are quite different and have separate functions - despite their similar sounding

  Again, referring only to 1.3.26,  it appears that LoadModule
  incorporates AddModule's functionality, ie. making a loaded module
  known to apache's internal module list.

> Check the docs for more details..

  If I have misunderstood, or I am just plain out in left field, please
  let me know.  However, my observations outlined above have all been
  confirmed to function in the manner I have suggested on a working
  apache 1.3.26 installation.

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