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From Jani Mikkonen <>
Subject [users@httpd] Migration problem relating to heavy use of ssi.
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 12:09:21 GMT

I would like to migrate to Apache2 asap but there is few problems i must
overcome before i can do anything.

Ill describe my problem first:

Many websites which are build using template files and content is
included into right sections using <!--#include virtual="content.php"-->

Even before i had thougts about migrating to apache2, i wanted to
seperate all php code to only certain servers. But the problem is that i
dont have enough time (nor will) in my hands to start rewriting all the
ssi templates to use some different method..

So, i thought, ill rewrite all the pageloads which containg .php to go
to some other machine.

Simple example

Rewriterule /php/content.php [p}
(ofcourse, i wouldnt do rewrite like this, its only to make things more

This works just fine the php request is coming from user but not from

Tried the same thing with mod_proxy but i didnt seem to get that working
at all.

Next thougt that came to me is writing somekind of cgi wrapper because
atleast manuals say that include can be cgi program. Example:


I think this might work but. Adding multiple cgi invocations to the main
page of heavytraffic website kinda spooks me.

Any ideas, suggestions what would be the right way to deal with this ? 

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