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From "tchesmeli serge" <>
Subject [users@httpd] suexec virtualhost: change user directive with authentification module??
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 14:43:55 GMT
Hi all,

i have a trouble an di don't know if apache can do what i want.

My problem:
We provide hosting for severall customer. Now i'm writing some CGI for
customer, in perl, to allow them to change option, see their account status
I will call "panel" the web site where customer access to this CGI to manage
their account.

USer access to the panel in SSL, and with an authentification (based on
mod_auth_external, in fact this check a real user/passwd on system).
Authentification works fines, no trouble. My trouble is when user execute
CGI, they execute it with the UID of the user who is running apache (it's
I have suexec enable on my server, so in my panel virtuelhost i have a

User    OneSystemUser

So all CGI are executed by "OneSystemUser" UID. But, in some CGI, i nedd to
execute them with the UID of the autentificate user (by mod_auth_external).
So, my question is, can i pass to httpd.conf the value of the UID (or name)
of the authentificate user by mod_auth_external to use it in the user
directive of my virtualhost?

I mean, for example, a user authentificate, so i have this user name in
REMOTE_USER variable. Can i use it (and how) to pass it in httpd.conf so all
cgi will be executed with the UID of the authentificate user? like this:


Thanks for help

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