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From "-=| Julien Bonastre |=-" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] [Apache] Install Modules in Apache??
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 14:16:52 GMT
Ok thx..

Will checkout


 Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]
 The-Spectrum Network CEO


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  From: Chris 
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  Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 11:07 PM
  Subject: RE: [users@httpd] [Apache] Install Modules in Apache??

  The only way I know is here :

  If there is another one, I am also interrested.
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    De : -=| Julien Bonastre |=- []
    Envoyé : samedi 21 septembre 2002 14:52
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    Objet : [users@httpd] [Apache] Install Modules in Apache??

    Ok I am fairly new to Linux in a sense and Linux too..

    But I have spent the last 2 days solid using rhlinux 7.2 and it's been quite fun I must
say, except for this quick question..

    Since in linux you compile bin's you download (ie Apache) .. must you actually specify
upon compiling what modules you want in apache??

    eg. I recently downloaded apache2.0.40 for rhlinux.. went on my rhlinux7.2 box and compiled
apache just like that (./configure, make, make install) ..

    but of course there are NO modules in the conf or /modules dir ...

    I have seen/heard you pass the modules you wish to use as arg's to ./configue on the command
line.. is there another way to do it?? ie a simple text file that configure can run through
and figure it out, instead of one hugely long line??

    Thx a heap..


     Julien Bonastre [The_RadiX]
     The-Spectrum Network CEO


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