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From Don Montalvo <>
Subject Re: Can you please turn off HTML formatting...
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 21:36:08 GMT

My mail client (Eudora) can display plain text or HTML perfectly. The 
problem isn't with the email client. The problem is that for those of 
us who are subscribed to the list via the Digest mode, HTML can not 
be displayed. The result is...well, I'm emailing you (offlist) one of 
my Digest emails from the list. Feel free to open it, scroll it, and 
to try to make heads or tails out of the endless lines of tagged text.

Thanks for your consideration,

At 16:20 -0500 8/3/02, Ron Wingfield wrote:
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Don Montalvo
>To: Ron Wingfield
>Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2002 1:35 PM
>Subject: Can you please turn off HTML formatting...
>...or at least use plain text to post to the Apache list? Thanks!
>Hello Don (and all list users),
>Right up front, let me apologize for allowing the html formatting to be
>enforced on my posts to this list.  I have read that some (if not most list
>subscribers) prefer to not use html-type email clients (e.g., MS/Outlook,
>NetScape, etc.).   I'm a fairly new user of the list, and some years have
>past since I've been an active unix programmer (having spent most of my time
>lately in the IBM OS/400 arena).  What is the problem with html formatted
>document exchange?  Is it simply that some users are using text editors such
>as vi to read their email?  Honestly, I am puzzled.  In fact, for several
>years, I, too, resisted the trend toward ALL stuff html, used Eudora rather
>than MS/Outlook, and still have great disdain for Microsoft.  I guess that
>because of the pervasiveness of MS/Windows workstations, . . .everywhere,
>I've "thrown in the towel" and started using MS tools such as Outlook.
>As for formatted text, I do like to use bold-face, italics, underlines, and
>even hyperlinks to emphasize the subject matter.  I don't think that there
>is any argument that what can be done with the current word-processing
>systems such as MS/Word, or (my preference) Corel WordPerfect, are a major
>improvement over 1960's vintage, tty style type; and html seems to be
>somewhat of a common denominator, thesedays.  (I do realize that a MS/Word
>or Corel WP document format is NOT a good email/list exchange format.)
>I guess my question, respectively submitted out of curiosity, is "What are
>you guys using that is complicated by html formatted text?"
>And one last question: I've used Outlook to create this document, with plain
>text formatting enabled, rather than html.  How does the line length agree w
>ith your reader/editor?
>Ron Wingfield

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