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Subject Re: Module help
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 02:30:09 GMT

Thanks Joshua.  I really am not sure which ones I will need.  I just see
they were there before and now not working.  I thought once I upgraded to
the newer version, I would be able to use my previous httpd.conf.    I will
check the documentation you suggested.
Thanks again.

                      Joshua Slive                                                       
                      <>        To:    
                      08/11/2002 10:24         Subject:  Re: Module help                 
                      Please respond to                                                  
 > Now, in comparing my previous httpd.conf to
> the current one, there are now no LoadModule entries.
> I can httpd -l and see some modules are included but not all.  When I
> the modlues where indicated in the httpd.conf , I get the following
> Syntas error on line 206 of the /opt/appache/conf/httpd.conf
> Invalid command 'LoadModule',k perhaps mjis-spelled or defined by a
> not included int the server config.
> Apache fails to start.

Apache has two ways of loading modules: dynamically and statically.  In
addition, there are three basic types of modules: standard modules
included by default, extension modules included with the server but not
included by default, and third-party modules that are distributed apart
from the server.

LoadModule is used to load dynamic modules.  In order to use this, you
must have mod_so included in the server (and listed with "httpd -l").
You obviously do not have this.  In order to use dynamic modules, you
will need to recompile the server, and include --enable-module=so in
your list of command line options (or, perhaps, --enable-shared=max).

Then the question is, what modules are you missing.  If they are
extension modules, you can compile them together with the apache server.
  To check if they are extension modules, see
If they are third-party modules, you will need to find distributor and
get the source from them in order to compile.


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