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From "Dan Stephens" <>
Subject Re: configuration question
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:52:17 GMT
    Thank you for responding, sorry about not being clearing enough, let me try again. Yes,
I have a file html.index in the directory /var/www/html. Yes, /var/www/ is the documentroot.
I have made sure that it is configured as such in the httpd.conf fileSo I do have my website
set up. I also do have a fully qualified domain name. When I try to go to the site on my browser
all I get back is connection failed: (111) connection refused. I do know that the DNS and
what not are all set up correctly, because the mail server tthat I am also sending through
the same IP is getting routed to the server without flaw, so I do know that the problem is
in the apache configuration.  Also when i run ps -ef | grep httpd I get a one line responce,
which I'm assuming means that it's running.
    Thank you again for your help, this is really helpful,
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  From: Boyle Owen 
  Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 10:12 AM
  Subject: RE: configuration question

  I am a bit confused by the terminology in your post: Do you mean that you have a DIRECTORY
called /var/www/html and that this is DocumentRoot? If so, then the FILE index.html in that
directory will be served when you do http://your-server/ where "your-server" is the fully-qualified
domain name of your webserver.

  Do you have a ServerName directive which points to your FQDN? Do you have Listen directive
(you don't need one, the default is to listen to all interfaces)?

  Note that to test a webserver, you telnet TO it on port 80, not OUT, as you state... (maybe
that's what you meant).

  What actually happens in the browser? What is the message?
  What do you see in the server access and error logs?


  Owen Boyle
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    From: Dan Stephens []
    Sent: Dienstag, 20. August 2002 16:05
    Subject: configuration question

        I am running Red Hat 7.2 and am having a bit of a problem running the machine as a
web server. I currently am running Apache 1.3.20-16. My problem is that I can't seem to get
my webpage to display.
    -I have placed the page in the correct location (/var/www/) and named it html
    -I have an index.html ready to go in my html file
    -I have gone into setup -> system services and am sure that httpd is running. 
    -I am also hosting email out of this machine so I know my network configurations are correct

    - I also know my firewall is allowing traffic on port 80.
    -When I try to telnet out on port 80 I get no responce. 
        Are the symptoms I describe normal or common? Are they problems often encountered
and easily fixed? I would unistall the rpm and reinstall a more current version, however when
I try to unistall the rpm (rpm -e apache) it tells me that it cannot because it woul "break
dependencies" (apacheconf. and webserver are are reasons that it sites I cannot remove it).
I also cannot update to apache 1.3.23-11.i386 because is needed by the updated
version, and did not come with the rpm file. 
        Thank you for your help, I am a mechanical engineering major interning at a engineering
firm who has been given the daunting job of setting up their web/email server. Any advice
that you could give would be very helpful,

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