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From "Koen Vingerhoets" <>
Subject RE: weird apache error (at least for me)
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 10:54:44 GMT

I'll cron the cp command then!!

Thanks for the help!!!!


Met vriendelijke groet,

Koen Vingerhoets

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From: Boyle Owen []
Sent: 13 August 2002 12:34
Subject: RE: weird apache error (at least for me)

See comments,

Owen Boyle

>From: Koen Vingerhoets []
>Yes I remembered to restart hehe I restarted so much already
>my keyboard can
>complete it when I start with /etc/init.d/

Good - some people forget.

>grep check??? err... no clue what that is....

$ grep TransferLog httpd.conf

will list all the lines in the file which contain "TransferLog". It is a
reliable way to find all the TransferLog directives (i.e. don't rely on
yourself reading the file in an editor).

>I had a few CustomLogs, they're disabled as well...

OK - double check with the grep command as above, i.e.

$ grep TransferLog httpd.conf (check all lines begin with a "#")
$ grep CustomLog httpd.conf (check all lines begin with a "#")

Then remove the access_log. Then restart. You will NOT get logging after
that. If you do, you are editing the wrong config or have more than one
apache running or something...

>What is busy... we have some 50 to 80 users online now calling
>three files
>at least each two seconds... we can reach stress up to 35 (uptime
>command)... I guess that's pretty busy :s

Sounds busy.. A logfile analyser will tell you MB/sec and stuff - Oh, but
you don't have any logfiles anymore :-)

>Heh it returns a 0 (the cp), but apache KEEPS logging... it
>just makes a new

Er... yes. But does the filesize not go to zero? I never said that this
stops the logging - it is just a way to set the logfiles to zero without
stopping apache. Apache will keep logging to the file however. I thought
that might help you (you could cp /dev/null to the files every few hours so
as to keep them getting too big). Don't mess around with read-only logs -
that will just make apache barf.

I think the cp /dev/null trick WAS working from the start, it was just you
misunderstanding that it would only clear the logfile and not stop logging
and my misunderstanding of your misunderstanding...

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