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From "James Green" <>
Subject RE: Detecting download success/failure from server?
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 14:41:43 GMT
> Actually, I do seem to remember reading something where you could
> also log
> the status of a request (probably in mod_log_config somewhere,
> using the %s
> token?), and it would write 'X' in the case of an aborted request I think.

Hmm, must take a look for this.

> I've had a further think about this while I've been coding this
> afternoon,
> and (though I'm no PHP expert) I'm not sure PHP would be able to handle
> abortion-checking in the way James requires.
> Since the PHP code is interpreted at request time, if the request
> is served
> correctly then that's it, end of request.  If it's aborted then... well,
> you can't cause some code contained in a PHP page to be executed
> based an a
> previous connection aborting, can you?

Indeed. If neccessary we can run a PHP script every five minutes to check
logs and update the database. Very messy though.

> One possibility that did occur to me was to have the PHP page
> that delivers
> the data to the WAP phone written in such a way that it would deliver the
> file and continue processing after the data is sent, e.g.:

Yeah this was suggested elsewhere too. Problem is that it could be that
apache closes the PHP "thread" / whatever it is having been sent the data,
then completes sending it to the client. By the time the final PHP code in
the script gets executed, Apache may still have several hundred bytes to
send. In fact, over WAP that's more likely to be a couple of Kbytes I would


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