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From "joel grimes" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache very slow to respond to first request
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 01:12:19 GMT
I've just installed RH 7.3 - server install and added a couple of virtual 
hosts to my httpd.conf file.  I'm experiencing a very long wait time (up to 
20 or 30 seconds sometimes) when I first try to hit the sites.  Usually 
subsequent requests are quicker (instantaneous, in fact), but if I switch 
from one site to another, or if I change the url - from 
to just plain, for example, I get the delay again.

Note that this seems to be an intermittent problem - but it happens more 
than it doesn't.

Note 2.  I am also running TUX.  it doesn't seem to matter whether the page 
is served by httpd or tux -  i can stop httpd and it'll still behave the 
same way.

Note 3.  If I hit a link on my site to another document on the site, it 
doesn't usually delay (see

Any insight?  Below is my httpd.conf file (stripped of comments):

ServerType StandAlone
ServerRoot /etc/httpd/

#LoadModule mmap_static_module modules/
LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/
LoadModule env_module         modules/
LoadModule config_log_module  modules/
LoadModule agent_log_module   modules/
LoadModule referer_log_module modules/
#LoadModule mime_magic_module  modules/
LoadModule mime_module        modules/
LoadModule negotiation_module modules/
LoadModule status_module      modules/
LoadModule info_module        modules/
LoadModule includes_module    modules/
LoadModule autoindex_module   modules/
LoadModule dir_module         modules/
LoadModule cgi_module         modules/
LoadModule asis_module        modules/
LoadModule imap_module        modules/
LoadModule action_module      modules/
#LoadModule speling_module     modules/
LoadModule userdir_module     modules/
LoadModule alias_module       modules/
LoadModule rewrite_module     modules/
LoadModule access_module      modules/
LoadModule auth_module        modules/
LoadModule anon_auth_module   modules/
LoadModule db_auth_module     modules/
#LoadModule digest_module      modules/
#LoadModule proxy_module       modules/
#LoadModule cern_meta_module   modules/
LoadModule expires_module     modules/
LoadModule headers_module     modules/
#LoadModule usertrack_module   modules/
#LoadModule example_module     modules/
#LoadModule unique_id_module   modules/
LoadModule setenvif_module    modules/
#LoadModule bandwidth_module   modules/
#LoadModule put_module	       modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_PERL>
LoadModule perl_module        modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP>
LoadModule php_module         modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP3>
LoadModule php3_module        modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP4>
LoadModule php4_module        modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_DAV>
LoadModule dav_module         modules/
LoadModule roaming_module     modules/
<IfDefine HAVE_SSL>
LoadModule ssl_module         modules/

#AddModule mod_mmap_static.c
AddModule mod_vhost_alias.c
AddModule mod_env.c
AddModule mod_log_config.c
AddModule mod_log_agent.c
AddModule mod_log_referer.c
#AddModule mod_mime_magic.c
AddModule mod_mime.c
AddModule mod_negotiation.c
AddModule mod_status.c
AddModule mod_info.c
AddModule mod_include.c
AddModule mod_autoindex.c
AddModule mod_dir.c
AddModule mod_cgi.c
AddModule mod_asis.c
AddModule mod_imap.c
AddModule mod_actions.c
#AddModule mod_speling.c
AddModule mod_userdir.c
AddModule mod_alias.c
AddModule mod_rewrite.c
AddModule mod_access.c
AddModule mod_auth.c
AddModule mod_auth_anon.c
AddModule mod_auth_db.c
#AddModule mod_digest.c
#AddModule mod_proxy.c
#AddModule mod_cern_meta.c
AddModule mod_expires.c
AddModule mod_headers.c
#AddModule mod_usertrack.c
#AddModule mod_example.c
#AddModule mod_unique_id.c
AddModule mod_so.c
AddModule mod_setenvif.c
#AddModule mod_bandwidth.c
#AddModule mod_put.c
<IfDefine HAVE_PERL>
AddModule mod_perl.c
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP>
AddModule mod_php.c
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP3>
AddModule mod_php3.c
<IfDefine HAVE_PHP4>
AddModule mod_php4.c
<IfDefine HAVE_DAV>
AddModule mod_dav.c
AddModule mod_roaming.c
<IfDefine HAVE_SSL>
AddModule mod_ssl.c



Listen *:80

Port 80

ScoreBoardFile /var/run/httpd.scoreboard


# Where do we put the lock and pif files?
LockFile /var/lock/httpd.lock
PidFile /var/run/
CoreDumpDirectory "/etc/httpd"

# Documents
DocumentRoot /var/www/html
UserDir public_html
IndexOptions FancyIndexing

# Who runs the server?
User apache
Group apache

# Performance parameters
MaxClients 150
TimeOut 300
KeepAlive false
MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
MaxRequestsPerChild 100
KeepAliveTimeout 15
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 20
StartServers 8

# Error documents

# Misc

AccessFileName .htaccess
UseCanonicalName on
TypesConfig /etc/mime.types
DefaultType "text/plain"

ServerSignature on

ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/error_log

LogLevel warn

HostNameLookups Off

LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" 
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" common
LogFormat "%{Referer}i -> %U" referer
LogFormat "%{User-agent}i" agent
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/access_log common

Alias /icons/ "/var/www/icons/"
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/var/www/cgi-bin/"

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/var/www/cgi-bin/"

<Directory "/var/www/cgi-bin">
    AllowOverride None
    Options ExecCGI
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

IndexOptions FancyIndexing

AddIconByEncoding (CMP,/icons/compressed.gif) x-compress x-gzip

AddIconByType (TXT,/icons/text.gif) text/*
AddIconByType (IMG,/icons/image2.gif) image/*
AddIconByType (SND,/icons/sound2.gif) audio/*
AddIconByType (VID,/icons/movie.gif) video/*

AddIcon /icons/binary.gif .bin .exe
AddIcon /icons/binhex.gif .hqx
AddIcon /icons/tar.gif .tar
AddIcon /icons/world2.gif .wrl .wrl.gz .vrml .vrm .iv
AddIcon /icons/compressed.gif .Z .z .tgz .gz .zip
AddIcon /icons/a.gif .ps .ai .eps
AddIcon /icons/layout.gif .html .shtml .htm .pdf
AddIcon /icons/text.gif .txt
AddIcon /icons/c.gif .c
AddIcon /icons/p.gif .pl .py
AddIcon /icons/f.gif .for
AddIcon /icons/dvi.gif .dvi
AddIcon /icons/uuencoded.gif .uu
AddIcon /icons/script.gif .conf .sh .shar .csh .ksh .tcl
AddIcon /icons/tex.gif .tex
AddIcon /icons/bomb.gif core

AddIcon /icons/back.gif ..
AddIcon /icons/hand.right.gif README
AddIcon /icons/folder.gif ^^DIRECTORY^^
AddIcon /icons/blank.gif ^^BLANKICON^^

DefaultIcon /icons/unknown.gif

ReadmeName README
HeaderName HEADER

IndexIgnore .??* *~ *# HEADER* README* RCS CVS *,v *,t

AddEncoding x-compress Z
AddEncoding x-gzip gz tgz

AddLanguage en .en
AddLanguage fr .fr
AddLanguage de .de
AddLanguage da .da
AddLanguage el .el
AddLanguage it .it

LanguagePriority en fr de

<IfModule mod_php4.c>
  AddType application/x-httpd-php .php4 .php3 .phtml .php
  AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps

# The following is for PHP3:
<IfModule mod_php3.c>
  AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .php3
  AddType application/x-httpd-php3-source .phps

# The following is for PHP/FI (PHP2):
<IfModule mod_php.c>
  AddType application/x-httpd-php .phtml

AddType application/x-tar .tgz

AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

AddHandler imap-file map

BrowserMatch "Mozilla/2" nokeepalive
BrowserMatch "MSIE 4\.0b2;" nokeepalive downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

BrowserMatch "RealPlayer 4\.0" force-response-1.0
BrowserMatch "Java/1\.0" force-response-1.0
BrowserMatch "JDK/1\.0" force-response-1.0

# If the perl module is installed, this will be enabled.
<IfModule mod_perl.c>
  Alias /perl/ /var/www/perl/
  <Location /perl>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler Apache::Registry
    Options +ExecCGI

# Allow access to local system documentation from localhost
Alias /doc/ /usr/share/doc/
<Location /doc>
  order deny,allow
  deny from all
  allow from localhost
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

<IfDefine HAVE_SSL>

Listen 443

<VirtualHost _default_:443>

#  General setup for the virtual host
DocumentRoot "/var/www/html"

SSLEngine on

SSLCertificateFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/server.crt
#SSLCertificateFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/server-dsa.crt

#   both in parallel (to also allow the use of DSA ciphers, etc.)
SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key/server.key
#SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key/server-dsa.key

#SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/ca.crt

<Files ~ "\.(cgi|shtml)$">
    SSLOptions +StdEnvVars
<Directory "/var/www/cgi-bin">
    SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown

CustomLog /var/log/httpd/ssl_request_log \
          "%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x \"%r\" %b"



# Virtual hosts

# Virtual host Default Virtual Host
<VirtualHost _default_>

	ServerName _default_

	ServerSignature email

	DirectoryIndex  index.php index.html index.htm index.shtml

	ServerSignature email

	LogLevel  warn
	HostNameLookups off


# Virtual host
	DocumentRoot /var/www/html/taxbucks/

	DirectoryIndex  index.php index.html index.htm index.shtml


# Virtual host
	DocumentRoot /var/www/html/juliasmithlandscaping/

	DirectoryIndex  index.php index.html index.htm index.shtml


# Virtual host
	DocumentRoot /var/www/html/joelgrimes/

	DirectoryIndex  index.php index.html index.htm index.shtml


# Virtual host
	DocumentRoot /var/www/html/freetextbooks/

	DirectoryIndex  index.php index.html index.htm index.shtml


# Directories...

<Directory /var/www/html/joelgrimes/gallery/>
	AllowOverride Options Fileinfo

<Directory "/">
	Options FollowSymLinks

	AllowOverride None


<Directory "/var/www/html">
	Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks

	AllowOverride None
	Allow from all

	Order Deny,Allow

<Directory "/var/www/icons">
	Options Indexes MultiViews

	AllowOverride None
	Allow from all

	Order allow,deny

<Directory "/var/www/cgi-bin">
	Options ExecCGI

	AllowOverride None
	Allow from all

	Order allow,deny

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