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From "Peter Callaghan" <>
Subject Virtual Hosting with Wildcards
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 13:27:04 GMT
Hello, I am running Apache 1.3.26 on Slackware 8.0.  We are a hosting
company that currently has around 50 sites.  As one of the services, we
offer our client access to webmail for each domain, normally
"".  The problem that I am having is that I want to
be able to set up an address for the webmail without having to include each
domain in the VirtualHost section as a ServerAlias.

I have attempted to set the default location to be the webmail, so that any
unresolved vhost will hit that.  Unfortunately, this works for the server
name and the IP address but not for unresolved names.

I am aware that you are able to user wildcards as in * but I
would like to be able to do something like webmail.* so that
webmail.anything would be resolved to the proper page.

Can anyone make a suggestion as to how I might get this working?

    P Callaghan

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