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Subject Re: DeflateWindowSize
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 07:22:24 GMT
Werner Schalk wrote:
> what is exactly DeflateWindowSize
> used for? The explainations in the
> docs are very uncertain.

I also had this question once, and had to look in the source
code to get an answer.  mod_deflate uses the zlib library

A quote from zlib.h:

  "... Larger values of this parameter result in better
   compression at the expense of memory usage. ..."

Another quote, but now for DefaultMemLevel:

  "... The memLevel parameter specifies how much memory
   should be allocated for the internal compression state.
   memLevel=1 uses minimum memory but is slow and reduces
   compression ratio; memLevel=9 uses maximum memory for
   optimal speed. The default value is 8. See zconf.h for 
   total memory usage as a function of windowBits and 

I'm still wondering how these two parameters work together
... you can increase compression rate with one and decrease
it again with the other (same thing with memory usage).

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