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From Flemming Frandsen>
Subject loosly tying users to processes
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 12:29:33 GMT
I have a largeish webapplication that does a whole lot of caching of 
database objects, a lot of the objects it caches are fetched for the 
enjoyment of the user who is logged on and are of no use when generating 
content for another user.

Optimal performance is reached when the user has been serviced by every 
apache process that's currently running, when the system is busy this 
can take quite a while and quite a number of database hits.

Is there a way to make requests from a certain client address get 
directed to the apache process that last serviced it, if it's not busy?

  Regards Flemming Frandsen -
  PartyTicket.Net co founder & Yet Another Perl Hacker

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