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From "Jason W. Farrell" <>
Subject Mysterious process on port 80
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 00:47:12 GMT
Just today I brought apache down (apachectrl stop) to do a little
maintenance.  I then went to start it back up (apachectrl start) and got
an error telling me that port 80 was already in use:

[Wed Aug  7 17:47:41 2002] [crit] (125)Address already in use:
make_sock: could not bind to port 80

The thing is, I've been over my processes with a fine-toothed comb and
see no apache or httpd or any web related anything running on my
computer whatsoever.

So I go to netstat.  Sure enough, there are things on 80... but they
look like dead things:    17520      0 24387      0
CLOSE_WAIT    17520      0 24387      0
CLOSE_WAIT    17520      0 24387      0

Hmmm.  So I go to a web browser on another machine and navigate to the
address of the server in question.  I was expecting to be rejected (as I
couldn't find anything running on the port) but instead my browser just
spun there and:    17520      0 24387      0

appeared in my  netstat.

Now I'm completely baffled.  I assume that there's a process answering
requests on 80, but nothing in my ps -elf (ps -aux) looks new or out of
the ordinary.  Also, not even 20 minutes before, APACHE was answering on
80, so the mystery process couldn't have been there then, right? I have
no idea what process is answering this and no idea how to find out what
it is.  These CLOSE_WAITs are not going away, and I can't reboot the
server I'm working on. Any pointers?

I'm running Apache/1.3.24 on solaris 8 on a sparc station.

Jason Farrell

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