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From "E. Lafont" <>
Subject Re: Hosts behind router - dyndns
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 21:52:32 GMT
Adam Lewis wrote:

>Sure (and thanks for the reply),
>I have several machines with private IP addresses.  I have 1 IP address on a
>cable internet connection.  I have setup a few domain names with dynamic dns
>(  I have a router that does NAT for all the machines so
>that they can get out to the internet.  I have port 80 forwarded to
> right now so if you point your browser to
>you will see what's on  If you pointer your browser to
> you will see what's on  I want to have
> goto and goto
You need a proxy, a program that read the request of your users and 
decides what machine must answer them.

Apache can do it, but I think that it's a too big program just to use 
only this function.


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