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From James Tait <>
Subject Re: Detecting download success/failure from server?
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 14:30:18 GMT
Boyle Owen wrote:
 > So the only way you know
 > that the data was not all transferred is that the byte-count in the
 > transfer log is less than the actual filesize?
 > If so, then by corrolary; code 200 plus correct byte-count => transfer
 > accomplished?

Actually, I do seem to remember reading something where you could also log 
the status of a request (probably in mod_log_config somewhere, using the %s 
token?), and it would write 'X' in the case of an aborted request I think.

I've had a further think about this while I've been coding this afternoon, 
and (though I'm no PHP expert) I'm not sure PHP would be able to handle 
abortion-checking in the way James requires.

Since the PHP code is interpreted at request time, if the request is served 
correctly then that's it, end of request.  If it's aborted then... well, 
you can't cause some code contained in a PHP page to be executed based an a 
previous connection aborting, can you?

One possibility that did occur to me was to have the PHP page that delivers 
the data to the WAP phone written in such a way that it would deliver the 
file and continue processing after the data is sent, e.g.:

# Set the content type
# Include the MIDI file
# Do some server-side confirmation of delivery

I have no idea if that would work....  I fear further discussion of this is 
likely to get a tad off-topic for this list, but it is an interesting 
question and I think many on the list would be interested in hearing the 


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