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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: RewriteMap
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:27:21 GMT
Robert Andersson wrote:
> Werner Schalk wrote:
>>Hi Robert,
>>it works good but one last thing: Could you please
>>explain the regex a little bit?
> Glad it worked :)
> I don't have a good link to docs on general regexp, or Apache's flavor of
> it. The only one I find fast is:

This is a frequently asked question.  There is good documentation about 
the regular expressions apache uses at:

Additionally, I believe that the RE's are POSIX compliant, and may 
depend on the regex.h of the standard c libraries.

man regex

should give the pertinent information on *nix systems.

(on my system, man 7 regex gives the POSIX information)

The trouble is that the Apache documents don't seem to be arranged in a 
way that if you were looking for information on Regluar Expresions that 
you would find it in a general category.  Instead you have to hit upon 
it in the mod_rewrite documentation. Of course, if you use mod_rewrite 
alot, then you know about it. People who use RedirectMatch or AliasMatch 
or other directives that use RE don't really know about it (or those who 
don't really need to read the mod_rewrite docs). It seems like it needs 
its own section.

my $.02

Jack Nerad

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