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From Jurgen <>
Subject Re: Help needed - cannot access Apache from outside my box
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:45:44 GMT

If it works locally it should work from the internet as long as you don't have a firewall
and you don't have some entries in access.conf or httpd.conf.
You could try to telnet from an outside server to port 80 (telnet 80) and
see if you get a connection.
If you do you could try it from the server itself. If you can't do it from the internet but
you can do it locally you have a firewall in the middle or apache is configured to deny access.


On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:41:55 -0400
"Andy Kriger" <> wrote:

> I cannot access Apache from outside my box. I have been unable to find a
> solution in the FAQ or mailing-list archives. I am tech saavy, but do not
> know how to diagnose this sort of problem; please help me make my webserver
> visible to the world.
> * I am running Apache 2.0.35 on Win2KPro
> * This is a single box connected to the internet via Verizon DSL with a
> Westel Wirespeed modem (no router, hub, anything between the box and the
> wall)
> * I spoke to someone at Verizon and they informed me that they do not block
> incoming requests and that the hardware does not either
> * I turned off my firewall to remove that from the troubleshooting loop
> * I am able to load pages locally using http://<myIPaddress> (obtained with
> ipconfig)
> * My machine can be pinged and returns all packets in a reasonable time
> * I can trace route to my box using
> * I have tried changing the Listen directive to 8080, 8000, and 7117 (a
> random number in case the usual suspects were being blocked)
> * HostnameLookups directive is Off
> * Requests to Apache from outside do not appear in the access.log
> * There are no errors in error.log
> * My httpd.conf file is pretty vanilla (only major change is PHP)
> I do not know where Windows logs TCP/IP activity so that might be a start.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> thx
> Andy Kriger
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