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From <>
Subject src Loaction and mod question
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 00:16:11 GMT
I’ve a few questions.
I have configured Apache 1.3.26 using the source files.  Everything went well and the web
server is serving files.  I’m trying to add a module but when I read the manual it says the
modules are copied to the src folder.  I can’t find a src folder in the /usr/local/apache
location.  This is the location I used for PREFIX when I configured.  
Where can I find this src folder?  And where are the modules already loaded?
I found an src folder in the un-Tared apache location that I used to configure.  Is this the
src that I’m supposed to use?

When I displayed a list of loaded modules using http -l, I get a bunch of modules already
loaded.  One of them is mod_Layout.  When I try to use one of the directives apache complains
there is an error in the config file.  Should I add something else to the config file so apache
sees this module?

Any help appreciated.


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