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From Paul <>
Subject suggestion box?
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 18:06:18 GMT
Hello, all.

First, I have 2 suggestions.

1) put a PayPal "Donate" link on the Apache website.
   I've seen other sites do this, and though I have no idea how much
they actually take in, I thought it wise; it's free money, and even a
drip into the bucket adds up over time.

2) Please set up the Apache Autoresponder to include the original
message when it sends back it's terse if generally reasonable response.
   I know that the development team probably gets a lot of spam, and I
personally want to thank them and say "Bless You!" for all the work
they do, but when I wanted to donate, and then had a suggestion, I
found that not only was my message never read by a human (which I can
understand and accept), but that it was practically discouraged.

I *really* do understand, which is why I've gone to the trouble to
resubscribe to the list just so that I could make what I hope will be
taken as a well-meant suggestion. I don't use the list much lately, and
so had unsubscribed, but wanted to pass this along.

Finally, if anyone thinks it's a horrible idea, or thinks I'm out of
line, I apologize. I just wanted it known, in case it would help the
next guy.

Again, thanks for all the good work.

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