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From <>
Subject Stalled connections to server
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 13:23:12 GMT
I am running Apache 1.3.26 on an Intel server with RH Linux 7.2, currently running on the
LAN only.  We are accessing it with two Windows 2000 clients, IE 6.0.  From time to time,
one of the clients fails to get a response from the server while the other continues working
fine; or, sometimes it happens to both clients at the same time, but in either case, the server
itself is still accepting connections in general, just not from whichever client it sees fit
to ignore.

I ran netstat -ta and got the following:
tcp        0      0 *:*                     LISTEN      
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV    
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV   
So apache (or maybe just the OS?) received the SYN part of the tcp handshake and never felt
compelled to respond with ACK.  The little globe in IE keeps spinning forever.  These SYN_RECV
entries disappear after TimeOut (which was 300) has elapsed, but Apache continues the same
behavior with whichever client it no longer approves of until it is restarted.

This server is allegedly going into production on Friday!  Any help would be much appreciated!
Colin Teubner

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