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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Tracking Down an Error
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 07:46:50 GMT
>From: Cartoon Factory []
>I enabled this directive like this in httpd.conf:
>ErrorLog /home/l/logs/server-error_log
>LogLevel alert
>ScriptLog /home/l/logs/cgi_error
>which seems to be how to call it (and I thought this would be 
>a good place
>to put it.) I restarted the server, but no file "cgi_error" 
>was created in
>/home/l/logs (note, "/home/l/logs/server-error_log" is created!)

ScriptLogging is handled by the apache server which invokes the CGI program. This means that
the logfile is has to be writeable by the apache user. This is a little different from the
othe apache logs which are usually owned by root.

What I do is create the file first, then make it owned by apache, e.g.

# touch cgi_error
# chown apache cgi_error

Then you should see some output in it...


Owen Boyle

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